Greetings my fellow Montanans.

As the owner of Pharm406 in Billings, most of you know I was born and raised on a farm on the Hi-Line and have 30+ years of agricultural background. After practicing pharmacy for over 14 years and providing very appreciated services during the pandemic, I have realized that we need to fix our healthcare system in the United States once and for all! As Americans, we face many issues but healthcare should be a priority for everyone, regardless of political affiliation, financial status, or religious views. The United States of America leads the world, its time we lead the world with healthcare, we lead with ONE PLAN.

There are two major issues that restrict and impede healthcare in the United States from going further. The first issue that limits our health care system are the health insurance company's. If you are a consumer, you are familiar with the high premiums you pay, the high deductibles, high copays, and if you are on Medicare, you get the privilege of the donut hole. From a provider side of the health insurance, providers are being reimbursed below the cost of doing business, battling prior authorizations to treat there patients appropriately, and fraudulent audits and fees from the already wealthy insurance companies. I have spent years working with patients and providers, lets face the facts folks, the biggest barrier holding healthcare back are the insurance companies. Its time to say goodbye to insurance.

The second issue with healthcare is government over regulation. Yes, I think we would all agree its time to cut some government fat here. As a healthcare provider, we need to devote our time to patients, not regulatory demands. However, has anyone stopped to look at how many 3 lettered agencies' have oversite on healthcare? It's time we save the taxpayers some money, remove some red tape, and consolidate all these regulatory agencies so healthcare for all can thrive.

Let's talk about the solution, it is called "ONE PLAN". One plan will do many things, for example, Establish the "United States Health Plan Corporation", leveling the playing field in the marketplace between providers, consolidating government resources, and once and for all create an affordable health plan for all. ONE PLAN will build the strongest healthcare system in the world. Healthcare is about "people helping people", not how profitable an insurance company can get.

The United States Health Plan Corporation (USHPC) will not be a government organization, it instead will be a corporation that is owned by the people of the United States, just like the FDIC. USHPC will be responsible for all healthcare regulation oversite, healthcare plans, and provider reimbursements. Healthcare entities will have the same federal regulations nationwide regardless of the state and be reimbursed equally regardless of how big or small of a provider you are. USHPC will consolidate all government funding for healthcare including but not limited to grants, 340b programs, health departments, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Tricare, and Indian health services. USHPC will eliminate

deductibles and donut holes for all health plans while reimbursing providers appropriately with a digital streamlined billing process. USHPC will offer plans to all Americans who file a federal tax return, and all profits will remain within USHPC for healthcare purposes.

Your Healthcare is not an insurance policy, your healthcare should be a plan, ONE PLAN. One plan will have affordable monthly premiums, be income based, and available for every American. Americans will have a choice in any provider, no more "in-network" or "out of network" requirements. Americans will have small income-based copays, so they can afford all healthcare services and prescription medications. There will no longer be prior authorizations to stand between your health plan and your provider, all services are covered on a tier-based system.

President Trump opened the door with the cares act and operation warp speed, now is the time to continue progress, it's time to GEAR UP, it's time to vote for ONE PLAN, it's time to vote for KYLE AUSTIN for US CONGRESS!


Kyle Austin, PharmD

Candidate for US CONGRESS